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As you know, I was in Croatia in September and it was pretty amazing there. Amazing and hot, to be honest. Ans as a hijabi, it would be... yeah... inappropriate to wear shorts and a top PLUS a hijab (Like, do you know these people? Who actually think that it is okay to cover their head and the rest isn't important at all?).
So, you have to find another solution. You can wear whatever you like, but if you want to have something light and something, in which you sweat less, you can take a look at my look:


It's just a long, black dress without sleeves, so I had to figure out, how I could wear it although.
This way, I chose one of my favorite blouses (black-ish, with many pink, violet, cream flowers) and don it over the dress. To finish my masterpiece, I used a dark violet chiffon scarf and my black slippers.

This is just one look, to be honest, it was the first day in Croatia, and I was pretty amazed, how airy and light it was, so I wasn't sweating like a... Well, just imagine something that sweats very much.
And if you want to wear the things, I wore, just look here - There are very similar clothes too:

Very similar from Otto.de

Similar and also from H&M

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