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As you know, I'm not only a fashion blogger but also a lifestyle and design blogger. I love to share my life on social media, I love to write about more and less important things and topics on my blog and I love to post photos about my lifestyle, about my outfits and my friends/family. 
Long story short: I love to be a blogger.
It's something I would call my passion, which I discovered 4 years ago. I started with a lifestyle blog with my friends, continued to post independent lifestyle posts on my own blog and deleted everything after I saw that nobody read my posts.
I was very disappointed, asked myself if it was worth to continue, and decided at an age of 12 that I didn't want to spend my time on posts which nobody read.
After a long period, I started my "career" on blogger. And that was it: I got the attention I wanted. I was very pleased with myself and my work. But after very bad things happened in my life (not to mention that I was very young these days) I stopped again. My dream, to become a famous blogger, died.
To be honest, a passion is nothing, you can give up so easily. After everything seemed to get in order again, my life became less stressful and eventually, I could focus on myself again.
I tried to build my community, I tried to get the attention which I got a few years ago. But all of that was gone. Again, I was only one blogger in a sea with plenty of bloggers. I was a nobody in the blogger business. But I didn't give up. Because I had a dream, and still, have a dream.

Sometimes, I just want to help people with my blog. I want to share my lifestyle, my advised and my ideas, how you can create a life from which you don't need a vacation. And a life, which you can enjoy to the fullest.
But there is more to that. Sometimes, you live in a pinky-dinky wonderland with dreams and goals, which seem to be unreachable. Some bloggers are able to reach for these stars, some are not. But this doesn't matter. Dreaming is wonderful. And I think, there are dreams and goals, every (fashion) blogger would like to achieve.
  • Your own brand: Whether it is a clothing brand, jewelry brand, food brand, or whatever, you would like to have products which wear your name on it. And so do I. I would love to have a clothing and jewelry brand with the name "peony crescent" on it. 
  • Going to special events: Who doesn't know the fashion week, the blogger events or the opening of a new store? Everyone would like to go there. It's an honor, to get an invitation because then you know that you, as a blogger and an influencer, are wanted. And this feeling is amazing, or so I think/believe.
  • Be a well-known person: I mean, if you start a blog, then with the expectation that people would read, what you write and do have to say. I mean, it wouldn't make a sense if not, unless you want to use your blog for yourself and your thoughts and it doesn't matter to you if anyone finds your blog or not. But for the bloggers, who would like to get reads on their blog, as I would like to get, also, would like to be famous, or at least well-known.
  • Be the change in the world, you would like to see: This is especially for the lifestyle and motivation bloggers. They (and me) want to make a change in the world. And if our posts help only one person, then this is all we asked for. We're aware of the fact that we are not able to change the world on our own, but we can be able to change the world for just one person. And this is one of the best feelings, you can get.

Surely, this is not everything we set as our goals or our dreams. There are plenty of them, but I think that everyone thinks differently about that. I do not say that every blogger dreams about the aspects I mentioned above. I'm only saying that these are my dreams and that there are many other bloggers who dreamed and achieved these goals, and other bloggers like me, who are still dreaming and working for them. 
And as I said in the last sentence: It is important to work for them, because dreaming is something, everyone can do. Everyone can set goals, but the ones, who live their dreams, worked for them. They believed that they are abe to get what they want. And I, I want to be this kind of blogger. I want to achieve my goals and after I achieved them I want to be proud of myself because this is the moment, I realized that all my work was worth it.

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