Surprise surprise! It's me! But did you know? This is not my real name. Nisa is the name I gave myself on the Internet. Nisa Hilal is my, so-called, artist's name. To myself:
I'm a 17-year-old teen. I'm living in Dortmund/Germany and I'm going to make my Abitur this year. I began blogging with 10 years when my friends and I decided to create a blog where we share our daily lifestyle. As I became older, I wanted to have a blog for myself, something that represented me, so the blog nisahilalyildiz.blogspot.com was initiated. After 3 years of blogging and not reaching anything except 13 followers and 4000 pageviews, I restarted. I started all over again with peonycrescent.com. And so, here I am, chitchatting with you and enjoying writing!
Apart from writing on my blog, I'm also a new author in the big world of book-writing! Currently, I'm writing two books, which are going to be released in one to two years. And as you know, I'm also a designer and "cook". I'm here to share my experiences with you and I hope that some of you will enjoy! Besides, don't be so strict with my English skills. I'm only an A-Level-student at my school and I struggled with this language until 8th grade. But I think, I'm becoming better and I hope that you'll understand me, though. See you!


Why did I call my blog peonycrescent? Well, there is a simple explanation for that. I love peonies. They are more beautiful than normal roses and they smell better. They're not for nothing my favorite flowers. So it became a part of my blog's name.


And the reason why it's called peonycrescent is that my real name, Hilal, means crescent (Turkish). I mean, if my favorite flowers can be a part of my blog's name, so why not my name, too? And the imagination of a crescent, covered with peonies is  A W E S O M E, just try to imagine. Just try and see...

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