{ Traveling } My Travel Bucket List: Why I want to travel the world.


Well, traveling is more than a hobby. It's a passion. It's something you feel and love. And not everybody gets the chance to travel, not everybody can afford it. 

The reason why I crossed out Trieste is because I went there just a few months ago. I only forgot to cross out Pula too. But all in all, this should be my traveling bucket list.

The reason, why I want to travel the world is that I am a person, who can't stay at one place for the rest of her life. To be honest, one place and the regular daily routine bores me very quickly. I have to see new things, new places, new people. I have like an inner compulsion to expand my horizon.
This is like something, which I can't influence. I'm bored, very quickly, if it becomes something like a habit.
Another reason is that cultures, new people, and lifestyles are so interesting that searching and exploring them became a passion. It is not for nothing that I became a lifestyle blogger. I love exploring new lifestyles, changing my own and trying out other lifestyles. 
I don't know, how someone can explain the feeling they have when they do something they really love. I mean, just imagine that you are able to do something you love and then multiply it with 1,000,000. That's exactly how I feel when I am traveling.

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