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Most of the time, I'm listening to music, if I want to relax or just to calm a bit down. But music doesn't always cheer me up. Music doesn't always help me with solving my problems. And then, podcasts, especially TED-Podcasts, are an immense help. Podcasts are inspiring, they are motivating, the help me, finding to myself.

I'm not always the sunshine itself, I'm not always smiling. As I said in my last post about why we need to smile more often, I do have bad days in which staying in bed all day is the only option for me. But, if we do not procrastinate cheering up ourselves, motivating and inspiring would become a normal part of our lifestyle. And that, how I already said, is possible through eg. podcasts.

Mostly girls think, that their look isn't enough, that THEY are not enough. They're suffering under less self-confidence and then, they try to aim the models, they're changing, just to impress other people. They try to be somebody else while being THEYSELVE is the better option. Cameron Russel speaks about how looks aren't everything. She's wonderful, and I'm not only speaking about her outward appearance.

"Passion is not a plan. It's a feeling. And feelings change." Terri Trespicio is completely right by saying that. And what does this sentence says about passion? If passion is a feeling, and we all now that feelings change, then passion is changing too, which means, searching for a lifetime passion is an absolute waste of time. So just believe me in what I am, and Terri is saying: If you want to create your life including the passion, of which you thing is a lifetime decision, you're going to fail and you're going to waste your time. You create your life by living it, not live your life after you created one.

To be honest, I wanted to give you more examples. More videos which made me think about myself, about my life, about my happiness. But you know what? When I watched Sams TedTalk, I didn't want to watch one more. I couldn't keep myself from dropping tears while laughing about how beautiful life can be and how someone with a huge burden like Progeria can smile and say, how wonderful life is and how happy he is... I can't believe myself when I'm complaining about so many things, so many unimportant things which are just temporary... I don't have any words left. Just watch the video, just be happy.

Hopefully, I could inspire you with some of these TEDTalks and hopefully, you find yourself smiling while watching, like me. In a destroyed world like this, it is more important to be happy, to have the courage and say: "I want to change something. I want to be the change that I want to see in this world." Well, we all have the opportunities, we only have to make use of them.

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