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Life is tough. Life is exhausting. Life isn't always fair. Life isn't always a bowl of cherries, or like a german would say: "Das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert". 
It's normal that most of the time the people are complaining about their jobs, about their family or about the fact that a plan didn't work out like they wanted. But did you ever catch yourself being pleased with your life? If so, how many times did this happen?
You're perfectly right with saying that the world can be a rough place or that peace doesn't really exist. But don't be so strict with yourself just because the world is. It's not really fair. You deserve better. Everyone deserves better.
Sometimes, a smile is all you need.
Sometimes just one smile can change the entire day for you. 
It won't bring peace to the world but believe me: If everyone would start smiling at the same time, the world would be a better place. Just for one moment...

Sometimes, you're in a bad mood. Sometimes, something somewhere doesn't work out. Sometimes, everything you want to do is staying in bed all day. It is okay to feel this way but just remember: So many people on this planet would think that your worst problems would be their easiest. You know what I mean? There is so much more to complain and worry about that we won't be able to LIVE a life. So, instead of worrying so much, be grateful for what you have and enjoy living.
The moment you stop worrying and start doing, is the moment you believe that everything can be solved.
And maybe, only a smile is enough to start thinking like that.

And sometimes, a friend is all you need to be able to smile.

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  1. Ja, ich beschwere mich auch viel zu oft über dies und jenes.. Dabei hab ich ja eigentlich alles was ich brauche! Also lächle ich jetzt mal :)

    Nina von Pearlsheaven


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